Silent Witness available online

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Silent Witness available online

Brad Dress, Co-Editor

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AACC students may anonymously report crimes to campus police via the college’s website.

The Silent Witness Crime Tip allows students to fill out an online form anonymously about any crimes they may have witnessed or been a victim of.

According to police, students have only used the form twice—and police said it has been available for at least 10 years.

Police said one of those tips was a practical joke, as the anonymous tipster claimed to report to the “fashion police” that someone was wearing white pants after Labor Day.

The other tip, reported last year, alerted police about someone consuming and possibly selling illicit drugs in a car on campus.

According to Police Chief Sean Kapfhammer, when a student submits a tip, key authorities in the department receive an email, and the police investigate it as a crime.

“It’s another tool,” Kapfhammer said about the form.“If we did have a problem, someone could report.”
Kapfhammer said most police departments have some form of anonymous tipping program.

Another form, a care/concern report, is also available on AACC’s website. This form is for students indicating a specific harmful incident or crime.

Students may enter the type of crime, location, date, suspect’s name and why they think a crime is occurring. An optional box at the end for contact information indicates whether the students will remain anonymous or are willing to talk to campus police.

The Silent Witness Crime Tip can be found on AACC’s website.