Campus thief identified

Brad Dress, Reporter

AACC police have identified a man posing as a student who is stealing items from college campuses across Maryland and have issued a warrant for his arrest.

AACC police identified two suspects, a man and a woman. The woman, police said, is allegedly the driver. Police said she drives the man to a campus, parks the car and waits.

The man dresses in a baseball cap and dons a book bag, attempting to look like a student, according to police. The man looks for crimes of opportunity, such as larcenies— small thefts. In one case at AACC on Nov.22, the man stole a wallet from a purse that was left out in the open, police said.

Police at Carol Community College caught pictures of the man committing a crime on its campus, police said. After seeing the pictures, AACC police identified the man as the one campus security footage picked up on Nov. 22 that showed him stealing the wallet.

Police have learned from Carol Community College that the man lives on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, somewhere near Easton. Police from several colleges, including AACC, are obtaining warrants AACC Police Chief Sean Kapfhammer explained.

“He is going to be charged with larceny and breaking and entering,” Kapfhammer said. “I believe he would initially be charged with a felony.”

Kapfhammer said AACC police are unlikely to be the ones to catch the man, but will pursue charges when he gets caught.