AACC dance company performs fall recital

AACC’s Dance Company put on their fall performance, “Wild Ride” through the weekend of December 2 & 3.

The show was split into two acts, and featured company routines that took place in prison and dance club-type settings.

The prison routine began the first act of the show. The routine showcased dancers dressed as police officers taking other dancers away from a crime scene.

Following the prison routine, the dancers exchanged the police officer uniforms for more modern attire, and began dancing in a club setting. The routine was accompanied by a live DJ.

“The club scene was definitely my favorite part,” sophomore Jenna Williams said. “It was fun and it actually seemed that the dancers were having fun as well.”

After the company routines, solo dancers gave their own performances. One of which, titled “Inner Sanctum,” included a message about moving forward with ones life, which was performed by Dance Company president Evelyn Paddy.

The second act of the show began with the entire group performing to the Maya Angelou poem, “Essence of Us.”

After the poem performance, members Korie Gwynn – Carmichael and Elda Trombley performed a tap dance routine, titled “Rhythms Within.”

“It was a tap – off, as I saw it.” Rodger King, a freshman at AACC said. “Tap is my number one favorite dance, so I was excited to see it used in the show.”

The show ended with a performance of “Tie’d Off,” which featured the whole company and a special light show that was synced up with the song.

Rick and Mary Hillman, an elderly couple from Annapolis who attended the show, both agreed that the show was different from normal dance routines, would care to see more events like AACC’s dance recitals.

Auditions for the company’s spring performance will be on Jan. 24 from 3-5 P.M. in CADE 103.