Campus Current has a new editor-in-chief


Brad Dress, Reporter

Campus Current team will get a new editor-in-chief for the spring 2017 semester.

Cody Colston, the current editor-in-chief, will step down on Dec. 16, and Jesse Johnson, the present associate editor, will step up to take his place.

Colston decided to step down because of pressing needs to focus on work, grades, and transferring to a 4-year college in the fall.

“[Jesse] deserves his time in the spotlight,” Colston said. “That hard work needs to pay off.”

Johnson said he will focus on becoming more student-centric and bringing out even more of social media and online news for the paper. He also said he will bring local events in the community to the news, and write about more student entertainment.

Since Campus Current is regarded as a club, the Student Government Association presides over them. Campus Current’s constitution leaves the appointment of the editor-in-chief to the SGA.

Colston told the SGA of his resignation before Thanksgiving break, and recommended Johnson as his successor. Johnson went in for an interview with the SGA on Nov.28, whom approved Johnson for the position.

“I think Jesse will accomplish whatever he wants to,” Sharon O’Malley, the faculty advisor for Campus Current, said. “I think he’s going to take this paper to the next level.”

Campus Current announced Johnson’s new position and Colston’s resignation at a meeting last Thursday.

“I think Jesse is a very responsible guy,” Britney Pieraldi, the photo editor and graphic designer for the Campus Current, said. “I think he is very capable of becoming the editor-in-chief.”

Johnson plans on moving people up who have committed to the paper this semester. He plans on getting even more staff members next semester.

“I think the paper will go above and beyond next semester,” Johnson said. “I think it’s going to be a better experience for everybody.”