Campus Current is here for the truth; here’s how you can help


Photo by Cody Colston

Campus Current editors and reporters meet every Thursday at 3:15 to pitch story ideas.

We at Campus Current understand that the students, faculty and administration aren’t used to having us around, and that’s OK.

After not having a traditional newspaper on campus for more than a year, it is perfectly reasonable to be a little defensive or cautious when you find us poking and prodding around, and asking questions.

News media are often described as the Fourth Estate; our role is to keep the other three branches of government in check. Now, that is not entirely honest because it doesn’t have any actual power over any of the government branches. It has no way to intervene in any affairs. It brings information about the affairs of the government to the people and lets them decide what to do with it. The news industry is required to remain as neutral as possible.

On a micro level, that is Campus Current. The students have a right to know and understand what is happening on their campus, be it positive or negative. It is then their right to act on said information if they would like to.

We are not here with an agenda, to start fights or create stories out of nothing. We want facts and to understand every side of a story, nothing more.

That is where you come in. To get every side of the story, we need to talk to as many people as possible. If we don’t, we are not doing our job. Giving us your side of the story gives you a voice. It ensures that you won’t feel like you’re being misrepresented or ignored.

When you talk to us, you help keep us honest and our reporting balanced and fair. We don’t exist without you to begin with.

Reporters are sort of the fly on the wall that observes more than participates. But it can sometimes seem that the fly catapults itself off of the wall and into your face when a story arises that involves you or your friends. We fully understand that. Still, with news stories come reporters. And like a piece of meat too savory to pass up, there will be flies buzzing around the story. There will always be flies around when there is something appealing. It’s just in their nature to dive right into it.

So please, don’t get nervous and antsy when we come around. We’re as friendly as they come. Come talk to us. We don’t bite, pinky promise.