AACC police looking for person of interest in campus theft

Brad Dress, Reporter

Campus police are looking for an unidentified person of interest in a theft of a faculty member’s wallet.

An unidentified individual stole a faculty member’s wallet with credit cards and driver’s license from their purse on Nov. 22 in the Student Union Building, police said.

Police said they are continuing the ongoing search and are currently looking at camera footage of a person of interest in the building.

“We don’t get many thefts on campus,” Captain David Pressley said. “But we want students and faculty to feel safe.”

Campus police explained the faculty member left her purse in the open throughout the course of the day, and at the end of the day she realized her wallet was gone.

Police said the faculty member reported the crime, campus police responded and wrote a report on the incident.

The stolen credit cards in the wallet were used on multiple occasions, according to campus police.

Pressley explained most thefts occur at the bookstore, where students attempt to steal books and return them back for money. Employees in the store usually catch them, Pressley added.

If police catch a student stealing under a $1000 on campus, they will charge them criminally, according to Pressley. This means they issue a warrant for their arrest, and pursue criminal charges. The student would then have to appear in court. If they steal over a $1000 dollars, police regard it as a felony and larger measures are taken.

Pressley also said the police would ban the student from campus and refer them to Eric Hunter, the director of student discipline, who would decide what to do next.

The AACC Department of Public Safety and Police encourage anyone with any information to call 410-777-1818. Students can also access the silent witness crime tip program on AACC website to submit anonymous information.