Students enjoy CAB dodgeball tournament

James Whitley, Reporter

Campus Activities Board held a dodgeball game in the gymnasium on Nov. 9.
It was supposed to be a tournament, but with only three teams in total signing up, they could only play against each other. The tournament later turned into a game of kickball so that everyone from the teams could play at once.

Leslie Cook, the advisor of the Campus Activities Board, spoke about how people can benefit from these type of events.

“The Campus Activities Board tries to have a wide range of events and activities for all sorts of different students,” said Cook. “Anything from comedy shows to grocery bingo and we have gotten feedback in the past that people like to have more like intramural type events . . . just to give students another avenue to get out and interact with each other.”

She also said she hopes these type of events will get people to bring their friends and participate or just to meet new people.
Diana Rapine, president of the Campus Activities Board, talked about how these types of events are good ideas but it’s hard to get people to come out.

“I think they’re good ideas but when we try to get students out to them…unless it’s happening periodically at the same time, same day, like every month even every week, people would be accustom to it,” said Rapine. “When you are only relying on a bulletin board to get people out, it’s hard.”

Diana tried really hard to get advertising for the CAB, but the school “lacks in publicity for all the student organizations” and the Nest can only do so much.