Students flock to drag queens

Gabriella Flores, Reporter

AACC’s Gay-Straight Alliance hosted Drag-A-Palooza, the campus’s first drag show, on Oct. 21 at the Kauffman theatre to benefit The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project is a leading organization in youth suicide prevention. The project travels around to college campuses in order to spread awareness.

The drag queens performed on stage and interacted with the audience members by dancing and taking pictures with them.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done a drag show on campus,” Nick Nadeau, SGA president and attendee, said. “To have it the week after Coming Out Week is good at showing that we’re going in the right direction; it shows everybody is more open to different things.”

“Going out to bars, people are hypercritical,” performer Sarabesque said. “But here, it was welcoming. Everyone felt appreciated.”

“I think that people can feel safe here. I think the drag show let people from different sexual orientations come together to understand each other better,” freshman Joe Foughty said. “Understanding other people is necessary for everyone to move forward together rather than continue to discriminate against one another.”

The show raised an estimated $1,200 and had 120 people attend.