Athletes critique state of non-traditional track


Photo by Gianella Quintana

Student-athletes critiqued the concrete track around Siegert Field.

Megan Ladabouche & James Whitley, Sports Editor & Reporter

AACC athletes said in October they want a traditional, all-weather track around the Siegert Field.

AACC’s cross country, soccer and lacrosse athletes told Campus Current they would like the college to replace the mundane, concrete ring around the field with a modern, synthetic Tartan track, which would give runners the support they need to avoid future leg injuries.

“You can definitely feel a difference” when running on a synthetic track versus a concrete one, AACC Women’s Cross Country runner Sidney Hinkle, a sophomore, said. “I would go to my high school’s track and run there because I prefer it over the community college’s track.”

Materials like polyurethane and rubber in Tartan tracks create the bouncy push-back most runners are accustomed to.

“I can’t really call AACC’s track a track because it’s pretty much pavement, concrete; it really doesn’t have that bounce to it,” Hinkle said.

Director of Athletics Duane Herr said the athletic department will not be adding a track team to the list of sports offered at AACC.

omen’s Cross Country coach Jim Griffiths said it would be nice to have a Tartan track but agreed it is not a priority because the school does not have a track team.

“Since we don’t have a track team, it’s hard,” Griffiths said. “[Tartan tracks] are expensive.”
Griffiths also said the existing track does not have a negative effect on his runners. He said they run on concrete all the time.”

However, Hinkle said running on a Tartan track is better for the runners when it comes to training.

“A lot of girls on the team said it really doesn’t help their legs; it doesn’t give any kind of bounce back,” Hinkle said.

The concrete track does not cause any injuries for runners but over time it can be hard on their legs, Hinkle added.

AACC Women’s Soccer player Alexis McArdle agreed with Hinkle. “It’s causing more shin splints,” she said. “It would better for our team if we had a better track.”