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Magician Kid Ace brings magic to AACC

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Magician Kid Ace brings magic to AACC

Photo courtesy of Kid Ace

Photo courtesy of Kid Ace

Photo courtesy of Kid Ace

Khadean Coombs, Entertainment Editor

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AACC hosted magician Kid Ace on Oct. 19 as a part of Paranormal Week on campus.
Ace, born David Boyd, began his magic act as a child.

“I started off acting when I was 12,” Boyd said. “My theater teacher showed me my first magic trick. I fell in love with it. I got the magic bug.”

Ace began his campus set with a classic: making live doves disappear, reappear and multiply, while blasting rapper Chris Brown’s “Ayo” as his entrance music.

Following the doves, Ace shook hands with audience members.

Then he shocked the audience with his next trick, which involved a volunteer who chose a paper with the name of a drink on it. When the volunteer put the paper back into Ace’s bag, the magician poured a clear, full bottle of water into an empty wine glass.

However, the water turned into red wine.

“When this man turned water into wine, I had to stand up and take a breath,” sophomore Morgan Hawkins said. “He’s Jesus.”

More routine magic followed, including card tricks and a disappearing act. The most impressive of these tricks was making a dollar bill appear in the center of an uncut orange.

Prior to his final act, Ace gave an audience member a white board with a fraction written on it.
The magician displayed four books, and had an audience member choose two of them. Then he asked another attendee to narrow it down to one book. The student flipped to a random page and chose a word from it: direction.

Ace asked the audience member with the white board to flip it over and display the fraction, which was “58/2.” At Ace’s request, the student with the book turned to page 58 in a dictionary and looked at the 2nd word: direction. The audience was impressed and shocked.

Sophomore Steve Foster called the show “amazing, fantastic and mind blowing,” while sophomore Mari Polvino described it as “unique.”

Ace has performed for Madonna, Bill Nye the Science Guy and other celebrities. He regularly performs on college campuses all across the country.

He performed at AACC at the invitation of the Campus Activities Board.

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Magician Kid Ace brings magic to AACC