SGA approved new Ren Club constitution

Tony Petro, Club News Editor

The Student Government Association approved a new club’s constitution in October a week after it rejected it because of a policy allowing the group to remove officers who are inactive.

SGA members said the policy the club presented during the first meeting was unclear. Officers of the Renaissance Club for Enlightenment and Personal Growth—or Ren Club—revised the provision to define what an inactive member is.

The new student organization plans to help members set personal goals and teach others how to set and achieve their own objectives.

“We wanted more concrete definitions of inactivity,” SGA Vice President Francheska Salazar said. “There needs to be no ambiguity so everyone involved in the club knows what they are getting into.”

SGA Non-Traditional Student Liaison Jacob Murphy agreed. “We wanted to make sure nothing was vague,” he said.

Not many clubs have a process for removing officers. SGA President Nick Nadeau said the SGA has not rejected any other constitutions since he has been president.

The Ren Club’s revision defined an inactive member as someone who misses three successive meetings and is unreachable by the club officers and faculty adviser. The member can then be removed.