Student altercation draws police response


Zach Tennant

Brad Dress, Reporter

Two students were involved in a physical altercation Oct. 24 and were banned from the school as a result, according to AACC police.

Two female students, both 20, got into a physical fight in a classroom on the third floor of the Careers building. A professor and one student broke up the fight within 30 seconds, police said.

Police responded and separated the students. Officers on the scene took each of them aside to take disciplinary action, and then talked to witnesses.

An assault-in-progress on campus is a threat because someone could injured, and police consider it a priority call, Capt. David Pressley said.

“We respond immediately,” Pressley said.

Witnesses said they heard yelling and taunting before the fight erupted. Several students got up and left when the yelling started.

According to Pressley, neither student was seriously injured, but both were issued Student Code of Conduct Referrals, which banned them from the campus. The police regard the students as a threat and they can be arrested for trespassing if they return without permission, Pressley said.

The students are to take the referrals to Eric Hunter, the director of student discipline, Pressley said. Hunter will decide whether to allow them back on campus.

“It is very rare that we have assaults and fights on campus,” Pressley said. “Most of the students are aware that you have to act appropriately.”

Either student may press charges, but neither has done that, Pressley said.

Pressley said police issue a warning to first-time offenders in cases like this. But students who repeat the behavior could be expelled.