Mental health fair displays resources for students


Photo by Jesse Johnson

The Mental Health Fair on Sept. 26 outlined some of the resources available to students.

Mary McKiel, Campus Life Editor

This year’s AACC Mental Health Fair provided an educational outlook on suicide prevention and brought forth resources for those who are afraid to speak out about their problem. 

Main exhibits this year included a graffiti wall, “The Brain” (mix and match with mental illness names and their symptoms), a fact or fiction game and Secret Sharing.

“Eighty-seven people completed all the stations of the main exhibits,” said Stephen Kreider, Program Coordinator in the office of Student Engagement. Kreider noted the total number of people who completed stations were similar to those last year.

Kreider teams up each year with the counseling services center and with community partners to create the mental health event and provide students with information about assistance that is available to them.

The Chesapeake Life Center is a community partner that got involved with the event.  Joy McCrady, a member of the facility, spoke about the importance of finding help in normalizing or accepting grief and finding a place for it in our lives.

Students Kelly Sweeny and Alex Smith spoke with other students about the Disabilities Support Services and the SODA Club.

“It would be good to have more awareness.” Kelly said.

Kelly also said students with disabilities don’t always know that they have to register each semester for assistance on campus.   

Due to the inconvenient weather at this year’s fair, event planners may decide that next year’s event will be located in the dining hall.