Summer Or Fall Classes – What’s Better?


Heather Van Gilder, Designer

Are you thinking of taking summer classes? Think no further! Taking summer classes is guaranteed to speed up your degree seeking (as long as you do the work)! You might be thinking it’s too late, but you’re wrong. The second eight-week session of classes starts June 13, and ends on the seventh of August.

You may be thinking, is that short of a class for me? The answer is maybe. If you are on campus for the class, it will take up a big chunk of your week. Usually the summer classes run Monday through Thursday, with mandatory attendance – it is an accelerated class after all, so you will miss a lot if you miss a class. Also, there is the option to take the class online, but you have to be prepared to put just as much work in as you would if you were to take it on campus. The options for summer online classes are limited, so this option would generally only apply for basic core classes.

The second six-week session begins on July fifth, and ends on August fourteenth. I can guarantee you will be there Monday through Friday, and you will have to work really hard to get a decent grade.

The summer semester officially ends on August nineteenth, but your deadline to submit your application for August 2016 graduation is on July first.

There are several options for fall classes, the first of which being August twenty-ninth through December eleventh. This is the longest possible amount of time for you to take a class, so if you want a slower pace this is your option. Some other options include:

Aug. 29-Oct. 23 First eight-week session*
Sept. 9-Dec. 18 Weekend session*
Sept. 12-Dec. 11 13-week session
Oct. 24-Dec. 18 Second eight-week session*

* Final exam will be given during the last class.
Note: Session start and end dates may be adjusted in the event the college experiences unscheduled closings.


Some other important dates include, but are not limited to:

Nov. 1 Deadline for submitting application for December graduation
Nov. 23 No classes start 4:30 p.m. or after
Nov. 24-27 Thanksgiving break (no classes)
Dec. 12-18 Final exams (15-week and 13-week sessions)
Dec. 23 Fall term ends