New Registration Policy At AACC

New Registration Policy At AACC

In an effort to maximize student success, Anne Arundel Community College will begin a new registration policy for the spring 2016 term.

The purpose of the new policy is to have students registered before the first class meeting. These changes apply to all platforms including face to face, online, and hybrid classes.

“Statistics show if you are there on the first day of a class, you tend to be much more successful in said class,” said Dan Baum, executive director of public relations and marketing.

There has been extensive research done by the college looking at student success in relation to attending the first class meeting.

The existing policy has been studied and discussed for the past two years according to Alicia Morse, who is the dean of the school of liberal arts and one of the leaders in implementing the new policy.

“Students who did not attend the first class meeting had a 50 percent chance of success,” said Morse, “and no student’s success should be determined by the flip of a coin.”

This number is one of the main factors why the late registration deadline is now before the second class meeting.

“We want our students to be successful,” said Morse, “and it is our responsibility as an institution to have policies in place that support student success.”

For students who are not signed up for classes before the new deadline, there are still options. Deans from all departments here at AACC are working to have equal variety for all 15 week, 13 week, and eight week sessions according to Morse.

“With all committees there are many different opinions,” said Morse, “However I think we came to a great place to maximize student success.”