Annalisa Hite Says: “Now Is The Perfect Time To Increase School Spirit”


Abigail Coale, Reporter

After his term as SGA president Chris Pineda left big shoes to fill, but Annalisa Hite has no problem filling them. The new face of the Student Government Association is already taking steps to continue improving AACC.

“Chris Pineda was really great,” Hite said. “We worked very well together. One thing that I really focused on was school spirit, and the fact that he pushed for the mascot change set that up for me. I feel like now is the perfect time to increase school spirit.”

After attending student government and women’s leadership conferences this summer, Hite has two main focuses during her term as SGA president – building school spirit and making the Glen Burnie and Arundel Mills campuses more inclusive.

School spirit is in store for our newly branded Riverhawks. Hite said she hopes to build a real fan base while working closely with AACC Athletics, and already has plans in place, like a tailgating party in lieu of a pep rally.

She also wants to make AACC more present at the satellite campuses. Hite wants more than just a sandwich shop for students who can’t make it to Arnold. More events outside of Arnold are in the works.

Many of the events here are geared toward college-aged students, said Hite. She wants to find a more practical way to make non-traditional students feel included. While having clubs and athletic teams is essential, she also wants to include older students and parents by planning events the whole student body can appreciate.

Everything SGA is focusing on this year boils down to inclusion and involvement. Hite wants AACC to break out of the community college stigma, and hopes students will feel more at home here. She also gives her advice to students who feel alienated because of this stigma:

“Get involved in something you want to do, or try something new. If you don’t see something, start your own club. My experience here became so much more fulfilling once I became a part of CAB and SGA.”

With her heart in the right place, Hite has one agenda above all else:

“Serving the student body – that’s what I want to do.”

Annalisa Hite