State of College

Zoe LaFemina, Reporter

At noon on May 6, SGA president Christopher Pineda delivered the State of the College address to a crowded dining hall at Anne Arundel Community College.

The State of the College address is delivered once a semester at AACC. At the address, Pineda discussed the many accomplishments of the SGA, Campus Activities Board, and other student organizations on campus.

“The face of the college has changed,” said Pineda. “Many initiatives were discussed last semester. Of those initiatives, most of the goals have been completed.”

Among the accomplishments Pineda mentioned were increased participation and attendance at sporting events, the introduction of the first Spirit Week at AACC, the new mascot, the Year of Social Justice, and Pineda’s presidential legacy– the non-smoking policy which will go into effect July 2015.

In addition to the accomplishments of the past semester, Pineda also discussed the future of AACC’s student government. He introduced Annalisa Hite, who will be president of AACC’s SGA next semester. This is Hite’s third year at AACC; she has been involved in AACC’s SGA as well as the Campus Activities Board.

“My goal is to make AACC more unified,” says Hite. “I want AACC to be a place where people feel welcome and accomplish their goals.”

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