SGA’s New President: Hite for Change

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SGA’s New President: Hite for Change

Helen Nguyen, Reporter

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The results are in and the new face of the Student Government Association is going to be Annalisa Hite.

Hite, who had been an active member on the SGA as secretary and a member of the Campus Activities Board, has recently been nominated and chosen to be the president of SGA for the upcoming school year. We can expect a lot of positive change and a bright future ahead for AACC because, according to Hite, this school is everything to her.

This is her third year as a student on campus, and her long-term goal is to become a part of the faculty.

“I want to make this place somewhere that’s inviting. Where everyone feels welcome,” she exclaims.
Hite, who is working on her Bachelors for Speech Communications, became the person she is today because she went to a very small high school. She went to the same school for thirteen years and her graduating class had a total of seven girls, she said.

Upon coming to AACC, she felt as though she had a lot of freedom.

“The teachers have been so amazing; I learned so much, and then when I joined in and actually started doing activities on campus it just became so much better and such a wonderful experience,” said Hite.

The general consensus among Annalisa’s peers is that she is consistently great and has exceptional leadership abilities.

“She always has a good head on her shoulders, she’s innovative, throws out a lot of good ideas, and that’s the person I would want to lead us,” says DeAndre Williams, a fellow member of the Campus Activities Board.

Hite is also highly recognized by our current SGA President, Chris Pineda.

“She’s great: she has taken a lot of leadership initiative, she was in charge of her own committee, and making sure things were done when I couldn’t be there.”

Pineda has taken her under his wing this past school year, and he is confident that she will be successful rolling out the new non-smoking policy that’s coming into effect this upcoming July.

“My long term goals as president is to make this campus a place where people are more involved. I actually want to encourage more collaborations between clubs, and continue what Chris [Pineda] has started,” Hite says.