Humanities Gets A Makeover


Abigail Coale, Reporter

This summer, AACC will start on the first of seven phases of the Humanities building renovation.

Tentatively, the first phase will begin soon after commencement and be finished before the fall semester.

According to Maury Chaput, executive director of Administrative Services, “HCAT kitchen will operate normally” throughout the summer.

He also clarified that “100% of the funding is being provided by Anne Arundel County.”

Maury said they would have preferred to be doing a larger renovation, similar to the recent work done on the Truxal Library, but “unfortunately, funding [was] not available.”

Considering the Humanities building is almost fifty years old, “the building is long overdue for renovation,” explained Steven Canaday, professor and chair of the English/Communications department.

“There is not going to be any major structural renovations,” he said.

The renovation will mainly be a surface renovation, replacing inefficient windows, ceilings, paint, flooring, and lighting.

As Canaday understands it, during this time, “faculty and staff with Humanities offices will be moved to the modular building on the tennis courts.”

Both Chaput and Canaday expect classrooms to be open in Humanities for the fall semester. The other six phases of the renovation are scheduled to take place over the next two years.