Black History Month Editorial

Black History Month has been celebrated since 1976. After 39 years of Black History Month naturally questions begin to arise.

One that we continue to ask each other is, “Are African American’s being isolated by having an entire month dedicated to them in white America?”

African Americans are not as impoverished now, in 2015 like they were when February was dedicated to help cast a light on its culture.

America was in a different mindset in the 70s than they are now. For example, as the rapper Young Jeezy notably sang, “my president’s black…”. Condeleeza Rice was the secretary of state and before her, Colin Powell was, just to name a few black American’s who have been placed in a position of power.

The United States of America that we are coexisting is not the same America that our parents and grandparents grew up in. Isolating one race seems ridiculous to us. Why does one race get to celebrate themselves for an entire month.

We believe that America has evolved pass the point in which Black History Month is necessary.

We think that we need to create an equal playing field for all of the races that coexist here in America. If we are going to have Black History Month, then we should have Hispanic History Month, Jewish History Month and White History Month.

We should be free to celebrate each of us without feeling confined to one month and no other time.