Students Learn How to Fight Back


Henry Ponder

The Students Fight Back program is designed to help the victims of stalking or sexual violence and bystanders as well. Equipping everyone will make the environment a safer place.

Cori Eriksen, Reporter

AACC will hold a 90 minute program on sexual assault and violence prevention in the Pascal Theater on April 15 at 2 in honor of Sexual Awareness Month.

“It’s important because, you know, this is a serious topic,” said Danielle Brookhart, Coordinator of New Student Engagement. “First of all, women need to learn a way to defend themselves, and men need to realize that it’s okay to be a good bystander, and we all need to step in and do the right thing if we see something happening.”

Brookhart says it’s free for students and “it brings a little fun to a serious subject…they add a little humor and fun into it so it’s not just a ‘blah’ thing [on a] serious subject.” The program is a three-step process that establishes verbal and physical boundaries against anyone who is trying to attack you.

The National Orientation Directors Association, whose mission is to provide education, leadership and professional development in the fields of college student orientation, transition and retention, had a conference about the program in November which Brookhart attended and instantly liked.

“It’s a great program… I was very impressed by it… and I thought we really needed to bring it to the college because it’s an incredibly important topic for a student.”