Mo Money No Problems

Cori Eriksen, Reporter

Free college? Hell yeah. If only we could have that right now. Each time we look at our student loan bills, it’s like another piece of our hearts break off. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But each calculation of our working hours times our wages minus taxes and monthly home and school bills really hurts. Now there’s the possibility that the two-plus years of community college can be free?

Well, even if it can’t be for us, we sure as hell don’t want to put anyone else through this right?

Plus, it’s not like they get it for nothing. They have to keep up a 2.5 GPA. It’s kind of like they get a second, more serious time at high school. This time, though, they’ll actually have to pay attention and work at it and go to school for themselves.

This program would make dropping out right after high school seem like that much more of a waste. How many of us went to community college in the first place because it was closer to what we
could afford? Now, if the program passes, people can go to school while working to save up for the next college that they transfer to.

No matter what, this program seems like a dream come true for students. We would love to have all our classes be free. Alas, it won’t be for us. All we can do is cheer on the younger generations.

Now, if only they would take care of those book fees…