SGA hosts nature walk


Cole Popov

From left to right, SGA members Rabiyatou Bah, Abigail Billovits-Hayes and Conor Curran at the nature walk on Monday.

Cole Popov, Reporter

AACC’s Student Government Association held a nature walk on Monday to get students outside and to provide awareness of the trails around campus.

The purpose of the event was to get students to use the trails on campus and to get students active and moving. However, no students except for three SGA organizers and a Campus Current reporter attended the event.

“So this nature walk was basically us just using the nature trails that are already on campus to do a little adventuring,” said SGA President Abigail Billovits-Hayes, a third-year psychology student. “We did “a little scoping of what’s outside … seeing what the trails kind of, like, had to offer and also to provide awareness about the trail to students.”

AACC has trails under the bridge in between the main campus and west campus.

One student organizer said he likes the outdoors as a way to get a break from screens.

“A lot of times in my free time I like being outside and just kind of being one with nature and just looking at how just beautiful our surroundings are,” second-year transfer studies student Conor Curran, SGA’s executive vice president, said. “So just kind of kind of take some time, outside of you know, sitting in front of a computer all day, which can really not be fun sometimes.” 

Another organizer said she wants to improve turnout if the SGA decides to have another nature walk.

“Hopefully, better advertising,” first-year engineering student Rabiyatou Bah said. “We didn’t have the location on the flyer so definitely updating that and making sure that people hear about it so they can come out.”