Students choose AACC because of price, location


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Some students say they chose AACC because of the low cost of tuition.

Payton Thompson, Reporter

AACC students said in April they decided to attend community college because of the low cost and location. 

In an informal survey of 50 students on the Arnold campus, 34 ranked the low cost of tuition as their No. 1 reason why they chose community college over a four-year university. Location was the top reason for five other students. 

Others said they came to AACC because of the ease of transferring credits; they weren’t ready for a four-year school; the class sizes are small.

The Association of Community College Trustees named April Community College Month.

“It is very cost efficient as well as a strong sense of community and great professors,” Christan Radvioc, a first-year transfer studies student, said of the community college.

Ryann Owen, a first-year ED student, agreed.

“I’m getting the same quality of education for a lower price that was also more convenient for me,” Owen said. “I could also continue to work full time.”

Some students said community college makes it easier to complete credits in an affordable way. 

“I didn’t want to pay so much money to just get my basic classes out of the way,” John Kenny, a second-year computer science student, said.

London Robinson, a first-year nursing student, said community college is a “good transition” after high school. 

“Because of the pandemic, I felt like I wasn’t ready to go to a four-year quite yet,” Robinson said. And I was, like, this is a good transition.”

One student said she likes the small scale of the college.

“I wanted to do something on a smaller scale, while still getting a degree, and being closer to my friends and family,” Haley Herman, a first-year elementary education student, said.  

And international student Vanessa Gassler, a first-year elementary education student, said AACC was “convenient” when it was time for her to choose a college. 

“It was just easier for me with the budget and it’s generally close to my host family and my boyfriend’s house,” Gassler said. “And so everything was more convenient.”