Et tu, Monsieur Patate


Courtesy of Claire Purvis

And you, mr. Potato Head

Jaso Bolay, Editor

Raised in England, Claire Purvis, president of AACC’s Psychology Club, recognized over time that the way Americans communicate is different from the way that she was used to.

“There’s a popular phrase that says that the English are more reserved,” said Purvis. “It isn’t so much that we are reserved. We’re just listening and waiting. In America…everyone’s more forward.”
On Dec. 3 from 3 to 4 p.m. in Careers 214, the Psychology Club and professor Carlene Cassidy are hosting a communication workshop called Et tu, Monsieur Patate meaning, “And you, Mr. Potato Head.”

Cassidy will be using the body parts of the famous cartoon character from Toy Story, Mr. Potato Head, to illustrate the different ways that people can communicate with each other.

“Communication is central to everything in life…every aspect of our humanity is dependent on communication,” said Robin Oldfather, assistant of the student life/student services.
During the interactive communication workshop, Cassidy will be using Mr. Potato Head’s eyes, hands, and mouth.

“The eyes will be used to show how eye contact can be effective,” Purvis said. “The hands will be for the difference between a weak handshake versus a sturdy one, and the mouth will be for both speaking and not speaking.”

In every career, from psychology to journalism, communication is a skill that is needed, said Purvis.
“People need communication to relay messages clearly. Communication is the only way we can relate to other human beings,” said creative writing major John Matthew Brandon II.
There are different ways to communicate- understanding those different styles will help further students into their careers.

“I know this sounds cliché, but hopefully this workshop will give students a better understanding of how other people communicate as well as themselves,” said Purvis.

The Psychology Club meets every Wednesday from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in either Humanities 117 or Johnston 105.