Chick-fil-A top choice for local food options


Lexi Grieder

Chick-fil-A ranks high among AACC students as a favorite restaurant, both on and off campus.

Cole Popov, Reporter

AACC students said Chick-fil-A is their favorite local restaurant on or off campus.
In an informal poll of 34 students on the Arnold campus, 17 chose Chick-fil-A as their favorite while others picked Subway and Chipotle.
“I don’t think there’s … any other fast food restaurants, at least, that does chicken like them,” second-year communications student Sebastian Swartz said of Chick-fil-A. “I certainly like it better than McDonald’s or Subway or anything like that.”
AACC has three restaurants on campus: Subway in Careers, Chick-fil-A in the Health and Life Sciences building and the Hawk’s Nest Grill & Deli in the Student Union building.
“It’s just got a good variety of different things,” first-year undecided student John Trader said of Chick-fil-A. “Chicken is the main thing but they also got … salads, wraps and grilled chicken.”
“Well, at Chick-fil-A, they will give me as many sauces that I asked for,” first-year nursing student Alyssa Diblasi said. “And it’s also in the building that I have lecture.”
Students also named restaurants such as Rise Up Coffee Roasters and Poke N’ Ramen on Bay Dale Drive in Arnold, and Mezeh and Donut Shack on Ritchie Highway in Severna Park as their favorites.
“It’s like Dunkin’ Donuts but it tastes good,” first-year undecided student Patrick O’Malley said of Donut Shack. “They make espresso, they got good coffee.” He called the shop’s food “yummy.”