2 students run for SGA president


Megan Cunningham

Two candidates are running to become president of the Student Government Association. They are Zack Buster, left, and Rabiyatou Bah. Online elections are May 1-5 on the Nest.

Sierra Barnes, Reporter

Two AACC students are running for president of the Student Government Association.
The candidates are first-year engineering student Rabiyatou Bah, 19, and second-year communications student Zack Buster, 20.
The winner of the election, scheduled for May 1 to 5 online, will replace outgoing SGA president Abigail Billovits-Hayes, who will graduate in May and transfer to Towson University in the fall.
The candidates will face off in a debate on May 1 at 2 p.m.
Both candidates agreed that they want students’ voices to be heard.
“I want to make sure that students, even though they have the opportunity to use their voice, [are] encouraged to use it,” Bah, who is SGA’s vice president of campus activities, said. “Because I think a lot of the times students don’t say anything out of fear that they won’t be heard or that their ideas won’t be taken seriously.”
Buster, who served as editor-in-chief of Campus Current this school year, agreed.
“I fought for student opinions to be heard as editor-in-chief and I’ll fight for them as president,” Buster said. “So in the end, what I really want to do is … make sure students have more of a say in decision-making processes around the college and not just in a representative capacity.”
Bah said a vote for her for SGA president will be a vote for a different perspective.
“I’m the only Black candidate,” Bah said. “I’m also Muslim, so all of those different aspects of my identity, I think, bring a different perspective.”
Buster said AACC “needs a bridge between administration and the students, and I want to be that bridge.”
Buster added he plans “to make Anne Arundel Community College live up to the community part of its name. Because it’s a community college, it doesn’t just mean it’s a two-year college. It means it’s a small community atmosphere, where everyone works together, and everyone has a place to belong.”
Bah said her platform is more about accessibility.
“I want to make sure that everybody has the proper accessibility no matter if they’re on this campus; on our other campuses, like in Glen Burnie or Arundel Mills; and then also our virtual campuses,” Bah said.
Billovits-Hayes described the importance of the presidential election.
“SGA is the voice of the student body and is also the liaison between staff and students,” Billovits-Hayes said. “It’s important for students to know who is representing them in that capacity.”

Students can vote online on the Nest.