Local sailing club holds training at AACC


Lexi Grieder

A local sailing club gathered at AACC for a training event on Saturday.

Tomi Brunton, Associate Editor

Members of a local sailing club gathered at AACC on Saturday to learn about seafaring.

The Annapolis club, Singles on Sailboats, hosted its annual training event for any interested community members in the Humanities building.

“This is our premier training event for the year,” Ben Knapp, the club’s chair of education, said. “We try to have classes targeted for [every] level. And so, ‘Intro to [Singles on Sailboats]’ is for people who just joined the club. ‘Becoming a First Mate’–that’s somebody that’s got significant experience.”

The club was founded in 1978, and organizes sailing expeditions among its members. The club also offers sailing classes and certifications.

Nancy Parsons, the club’s chair of the first mate’s advisory who taught and took classes at the event, said the club was “a good way to make friends and improve your sailing and boating skills.”

“Come for the sailing, stay for the friendship,” Parsons said.

Karl Scivlv, the club’s co-chair of public relations who taught and took classes at the event, said he “always” learns new things at the annual training.

“Even when we’re teaching the class, it gets us to look at stuff [differently],” Scivlv said.

Though members must be single to join the club, Knapp said many of the sailors end up in relationships with each other.

“People being the way they are, we often have people get married who are members of the club, and … they can stay in the club,” Knapp said.