Students share spring break plans


Cole Popov

Second-year transfer studies student Joseph Daigle says his plan for spring break is to volunteer at the Annapolis Film Festival.

Éva Parry and Cole Popov

Unlike students at four-year schools who travel to beaches for spring break, AACC students said last week they plan to stay close to home.

In an informal Campus Current survey of 50 AACC students last week, 38 said they plan to stay home and catch up on schoolwork, play video games and relax. Another dozen said they plan to travel.

“Well, I have kids, and unfortunately, college spring break does not align with county spring break,” third-year nursing student Jessica Foster said. “So I will still be following the school routine.: getting up, getting ready for school and filling my day in between, maybe possibly getting ahead on some assignments.” 

AACC’s spring break is from March 20 to 26 and AACPS is off April 3 to 10.

Some students plan to use spring break to work at their jobs, see friends or volunteer.

“My plans are to enjoy the weather, hang out with friends and spend some quality time with the family.” second-year computer science student Caleb Santos said.

First-year creative writing student Robert Rogers said he is doing something similar. 

“I’m going to listen to music, play some games,” Rogers said. “I’m going to go out with my friends when they call me.”

Second-year transfer student Joseph Daigle said he’s thinking about volunteering at the Annapolis Film Festival.

“Well, I guess [I’ll do] volunteering just so I can do something,” Daigle said. “And I really like film, so I’ve always been interested in volunteering.”

Some students plan to use spring break for relaxation.

“My plans are to just decompress from any schoolwork [and] allow myself to be stress free and just allow myself to grow in areas that I need to grow in before I step foot on this campus again, because I feel like taking care of ourselves as college students is very important,” second-year pre-med student Denaija Parker said. 

One student said he needs a mental break from school.

“One thing I always do on break is clear my mind,” gender studies and criminal justice student Beloved Jesouba said. “I want to read a lot, write essays, spend a lot of time praying, as I usually do for breaks.” 

First-year transfer student Izzy Chase agreed, and added her plans are “working and sleeping and crying.”

Twelve students are using spring break to travel.

“I’m going up to visit my friend on the [College of the] Holy Cross [in Massachusetts] campus,” second-year hospitality student Lucy White said, “Because she’s not coming here for her spring break.” 

First-year forensic science student Arman Jones is going on a cruise.

“My parents plan on taking me and my grandparents and my aunts and uncles to this cruise, like a five-place cruise to either Greece [or] Italy,” Jones said, “I think Germany is one of them, or someplace in Europe. And basically just stay there.”

Second-year nursing student Aretta Godwin is going to Puerto Rico.

“Me and my partner are going to explore [San Juan],” Godwin said.