Students share Valentine’s Day plans


Photo courtesy of Miriam Huntoon

Student couples shared Valentine’s Day plans like movie night and a beach trip. Shown, second-year biology student Miriam Huntoon (Right) with her boyfriend Andrew.

Sierra Barnes, Reporter

Students said the most important part of Valentine’s Day is spending quality time with their partners.

Several couples told Campus Current they intend to stay at home, cook and binge-watch TV with each other, while others have yet to make plans.

“We are going to cook dinner at [my boyfriend’s] apartment together and probably watch the new season of ‘You’ that just came out,” Miriam Huntoon, a second-year biology student, said. “We’re, like, super into it. So it should be fun.”

Madison Radike, a second-year gender and sexuality studies student, is planning a surprise for the special day.

“I got us one of those murder mystery kits and stuff, like the ‘Hunt a Killer’ type things,” Radike said. “So I told him that he needs to … dress up nice and stuff. I’m going to order us dinner. And then we’re going to do one of the murder mystery kits because we’re both obsessed with ‘Criminal Minds.’”

Megan van der Walt, a first-year engineering student, plans to do “American things” with her boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, because she is not from America.

“He’s going to take me to Dave and Buster’s, because I’ve never been, and it looks so fun and exciting,” van der Walt said. “And then we’re also going to watch ‘Puss in Boots’ just because it came out the other day and … I really wanted to see it.”

Zoe Brunton, a second-year physics and astronomy student, said she plans to take her girlfriend to the beach.

Brunton said the couple will make “a little picnic and just sit in the sand.”

Plant science student Avery Burke, whose partner lives in Ohio, is planning a long-distance Valentine’s date.

“I actually am not going to be there on Valentine’s Day,” Burke said. “But I got them some presents. I got them a ring, like a promise ring. They got me one for Christmas. They beat me to it.”

Not every student makes big plans for Feb. 14, though.

Hannah Fishburn, a third-year transfer studies student, said she doesn’t care about doing anything special for Valentine’s Day.

“Honestly, I don’t have any plan set right now,” Fishburn said. “I’m fine with just, like, hanging out at home.”