Students weigh in on best albums of 2022


Cole Popov

Students chose albums like “The Forever Story” by rap artist JID and “American Heartbreak” by country artist Zach Bryan as the best releases of 2022.

Cole Popov, Reporter

AACC students in January chose the rap album “The Forever Story” by JID as their favorite musical release of 2022. 

In an informal Campus Current survey of 50 students on the Arnold campus, more students chose rap albums as their favorites more than any other genre. Pop and country albums came in second and third. 

In the pop category, Taylor Swift’s album “Midnights” was the most popular. Country singer Zack Bryan’s album “American Heartbreak” topped the list for country music.

“There’s a lot of good music in 2022, but I have to say, “The Forever Story” by JID was probably my most played album that year,” first-year forensic science student Gian Ayala said.

Second-year computer science student Chitanta Mushambo also picked “The Forever Story” because of “the anticipation waiting for it. It was a long time coming, and then the production that went into it and the storytelling.”

“JID is an artist I’ve been listening to … for a while now,” Ayala said. “I’ve gotten used to his style, but I think this is, like, his most consistent and most well put together album he’s put out.” 

“Midnights” fans were just as enthusiastic about Swift’s album.

“I mean, the albums about all the midnights that Taylor’s had in her life that just … kept her up,” first-year nursing student Lila Cessor-Culver said.

Cessor-Culver said her favorite “Midnights” songs were “Lavender Haze,” and “Bigger Than the Whole Sky.”

First-year education student Olivia Costello said she likes not only the album but the artist.

“Taylor Swift is my favorite artist … because she really switched up what she normally does,” Costello said. “And she gave us an inside look at her and of all the eras she’s ever done.” 

One country music fan said she likes “all the country artists.”

But first-year radiology student Vanessa Tomshack said she chose “American Heartbreak” because, “I really enjoy listening to Zach Bryan and I loved all the songs on the album.”