Award-winning Md. artist paints pieces on black accomplishments with students


Lexi Mercedes

Award-winning Maryland artist Comacell Brown Jr. paints a tribal mask at a Black History Month event.

Zack Buster, Editor-in-Chief

Thirteen students and faculty gathered on the third floor of the Cade Center for the Arts to paint with a famous street artist on Thursday.

Comacell Brown Jr., also known as Cell Spitfire, helped participants paint tribal masks and various food products, household objects, and technology created by historical black figures.

Spanish professor Linda Paez, who coordinated the Black History Month event, said it was a good “learning experience” for students to get a better understanding of black culture and accomplishments. 

Brown, who has won various awards for his work, has painted many high-profile murals across the country. The two canvases will be displayed in a student lounge in Room 324 of the Cade building.

Second-year pre-med student Riley Keeran said the event was “a good way to learn more about black history … to experience Black History Month, to learn more about it.”

Art Club President Ella Woodbury described the event as “very cool,” saying it was a great opportunity to talk and learn from a “high-profile” artist like Brown.

Keeran encouraged every AACC student to attend “culturally enriching events” like this one in the future, saying “maybe you could learn something new.”