Athletes: 3 busy schedule tips


Photo courtesy of Kelly Hurd

Having a full life doesn’t mean your schoolwork has to suffer. Shown, first-year secondary education student Megan Cunningham bats for the Riverhawks.

Megan Cunningham, Reporter

Early morning gym sessions, classes, study hall and practice are things that every student-athlete is familiar with. Being a student-athlete at AACC has opened my eyes to the realities of stress, deadlines and adjustments.
I had to figure it out. Maybe what I learned can help you hit a home run as final exam week approaches and this long fall semester wraps up.
1. Learning how to manage your time is a big part of being successful.
Finding a time management strategy is key to this. You can use a digital calendar or a paper planner. For me, a planner works best.
I color code everything I add to my calendar, be it work, school or sports. Learn what system is best for you by going through trial and error to find a favorite.
When using a digital calendar, turn notifications on to ensure you stay on top of everything you have to do.
2. Another tip is creating a to-do list to help you stay on top of your schoolwork.
Creating monthly, weekly and daily to-do lists helps with my productivity. The lists work with one another. The monthly list enables you to make your weekly agendas, and the weekly lineup helps you create your daily lists.
Include due dates on your to-do lists to help you stay on top of everything. Take your monthly to-dos and break them down into weekly tasks. Look at all the important dates for that particular week and include them on your weekly to-do list. Color coding can also help.
3. Planning ahead is essential if you have an assignment due on a day when you have a game or another commitment.
Take your time and get it done well before it’s due. Not procrastinating is a big thing when it comes to time management.
My schedule as a student-athlete is ever-changing. If yours is, too, plan your time carefully and try your best to stick to the plan.