Better Preparing Ourselves

Lisa Grebowsky, Reporter

The Psychology Club will be presenting an interactive seminar on conflict and how to deal with it in everyday life. On November 5th, Dr. April Copes, a communications professor at AACC, will be discussing how to listen powerfully and avoid taking things personally.

It is an interactive presentation, so the audience will have a chance to participate is a conversation.

“It is not just educational, but something people can take away from,” said Claire Purvis, president of the Psychology Club.

“There’s so much conflict going on in the world and in our society, and if we can learn how to better prepare ourselves and deal with that, then we can make the world a better place.”

This isn’t the first discussion they have presented. The Psychology Club also presented another similar discussion on October 29th to teach about the power and control behind domestic violence. The seminar on Transforming Your Approach to Conflict will be presented by Dr. April
Copes on November 5th in the Careers Building, room 214, at 3PM. The club hope to have another speaker in December.