Some in community still prefer masking


Graig Bracey

Fourth-year photography student Graig Bracey says wearing a mask helps with his allergies.

Tristan Comba, Reporter

AACC students who still wear masks on campus said their reasons go beyond preventing illness.
Third-year theater student Aidan Henderson said masks can serve as a sense of comfort.
“I think it has helped a lot of people with some insecurities, but … it’s also become a crutch,” Henderson said.
Deneen Dangerfield, dean of student development, said wearing a mask on campus is optional.
AACC lifted its mask mandate last May, about two years after the beginning of the pandemic.
Still, some students continue to wear face coverings on campus, and not only for health reasons.
“I like to try to coordinate it with what I’m wearing,” Henderson said. “I have several that are cute patterns.”
Mask-wearers said others don’t seem to notice them.
Fourth-year photography student Graig Bracey, who still wears a mask around campus, said he doesn’t get “any type of reaction at all nowadays” from unmasked strangers.
Bracey said masks have become a part of the culture, but back in 2020, “some people actually took offense.”