Riverhawks V-ball player earns place on All-Region 20


Photo courtesy of Frank Mitchell III

Riverhawks outside hitter Sabrina Sheppard earned a spot on the All-Region 20 Division III First Team in November.

Dan Elson, Sports Editor

The National Junior College Athletic Association named a Riverhawks volleyball outside hitter to the All-Region 20 Division III First Team in November. 

Sabrina Sheppard, who attended Northeast High School, said she earned a spot on the team because she was a “standout” player. 

“I just think that I was able to produce a lot of points and play good all around [while] not just hitting,” Sheppard, a second-year business student, said. “So I think it made me stand out.”

Sheppard also earned a position on the NJCAA All-Tournament team in late October. 

The team in the regular season finished with two wins and 11 losses. 

Volleyball head coach Tanecha Rice said Sheppard brought leadership to the team.

“She’s had a very high volleyball IQ, and … she was able to get that award because she had really great volleyball fundamentals and skill,” Rice said. 

Sydni Smith, a defensive specialist, said Sheppard deserved it.

“She’s smart, she’s an awesome person,” Smith, a first-year transfer studies student, said. “She works really hard and she’s been doing [this] sport for a really long time. She puts in a lot of effort. … I’m proud of her for achieving this.”

Sheppard added it’s important that Riverhawks players are selected to Region 20 teams.

“I’m glad that I was able to represent AACC just because I know the program isn’t that big of a program as … other schools,” Sheppard noted. “So it feels good to be able to represent Anne Arundel Community College.”