Students thankful for health, family this holiday season


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Students share that they are thankful for health, their family and new social oppurtunities this holiday season.

Ellianna Shields and Éva Parry

AACC students said the pandemic has made them more thankful for health and life this Thanksgiving season. 

“I’m definitely more thankful for what I have because it was, like, easily lost,” Emily DeLeon, a first-year undecided student, said. 

For some, the pandemic brought them closer to their families. 

“Being quarantined, I spent more time around my family and we got to know each other on a deeper level,” Denaija Parker, a second-year pre-med student, said. 

Thanksgiving is on Nov. 24, the college will be closed that Thursday and Friday. 

Some students said they are thankful to have survived COVID-19 and that the world is getting back to normal. 

“I am thankful the sun hasn’t exploded yet,” Daniel Stephens, a first-year psychology student, said. “That’s why I’m thankful for, basically, just to be alive in general.”

First-year nutrition student, Fruitful Osoba agreed.

“I am thankful for life,” Osoba said.

Students said they are especially thankful to have opportunities to socialize in person and celebrate with family again.

“I am thankful because we get to see people now and don’t have to wear the mask,” Amanda Wright, a first-year pre-med student, said. 

Paul Watson, a second-year transfer studies student, said he is “a lot more thankful that we can, like, have bigger get togethers and stuff instead of just quarantined with your own family.”

First-year transfer studies student said she’s happy to be back on campus.

“I’m thankful we’re able to have sports and stuff and be on campus,” cross-country runner Bailey Healy, a first-year transfer studies student, said. 

First-year psychology student Patrick Boring said he, too, is grateful for “the chance to go to school in person again, kind of pressing for much more fun.” 

Other students said they are grateful simply to be out of the house.

“I’m definitely thankful to have some time away from home,” said Casey Grindle, a first-year business student, “I mean after not being able to connect with people face to face for so long, being able to see my friends now is really important to me.”

Reporter Alex Sorto contributed to this article.