Students react to Maryland governor’s race


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Democrat Wes Moore was elected on Nov. 8, and will serve as Maryland’s first black governor.

Dan Elson and Sam Gauntt

AACC students said in November they are happy about the election of Maryland’s first black governor.

In an informal Campus Current poll of 28 students on the Arnold Campus after the midterm election, approximately 67% said they are pleased with the election of Democrat Wes Moore, while 30% said they feel neutral. Another 3% said they do not approve of the race’s outcome. 

First-year history student Sebastian Swartz said the election of Moore is “awesome.”

“I think that America as a whole is sort of in a divided place,” Swartz said. “And I think Maryland is definitely on the right side of history.”

Moore will serve as the third black governor in U.S. history. He ran against Republican candidate Dan Cox, who is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates.

First-year marketing student Mya Williams said Moore won “because his political views were more in line with more of a progressive state, which was Maryland.”

Second-year message therapy student John Tevis agreed. 

“I really think it says more about Republicans,” Tevis said. “I would say for Dan Cox … because [Republicans] ended up going with a more far-right candidate, it made it far less likely for Republicans to win.”

“I wasn’t too surprised,” Tevis added. 

Third-year business student Michael Amwoga, who voted for Moore, said, “It’s great that Maryland has its first black governor.”

“Obviously it’s good to have more representation and … have not only the policy, but just someone who [will] bring change and add change to Maryland,” Amwoga, vice president of finance for the Student Government Association, said. 

Second-year nursing student Karen Ayuketah said she is “excited” about Moore’s election.

“I really don’t care about the fact that he is black, coming from a black person,” Ayuketah said. “I feel like that shouldn’t mean anything. … It just matters what he can do for Maryland or not.” 

Ayuketah said she “actually liked Hogan a lot. He was my favorite governor. I thought he did really good for Maryland, even though he was Republican, and Maryland is a Democratic state. So I just hope that Wes Moore can live up to what Hogan was doing and put Maryland on a good track.”

Second-year geographic information system student William Neuens said Moore’s win was “expected.”

“He was a very decorated military guy [and a] good family guy,” Neuens said.

Some students said they did not have strong opinions about the governor’s race.

Second-year transfer studies student Brianna Bradley said, “I don’t really go into all politics.”

“Whoever wants to run for the governor doesn’t really matter to me,” Bradley said. “So long as they do a good job, everything’s fine.”