Legal Studies Institute hosts pop-up closet for students


Ellianna Shields

The Legal Studies Institute hosts a pop-up closet to provide students with free formal wear.

Ellianna Shields, Reporter

For the second year in a row, the Legal Studies Institute hosted a pop-up closet full of gently used business attire free to any student on Tuesday. 

Institute Director Erin Gable organized the giveaway at the Careers building to give donated clean, professional clothing to students to help prepare them for job interviews and future careers. 

 “If it fits, you could take it,” Gable said.

The pop-up was an extension of a “closet” on the Glen Burnie Town Center campus that offers donated clothing to students who need it. That year-round room, operated by the Office of Student Engagement, is open in Room 215 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The donations ensure students “would have that burst of confidence … in order to go to that first interview,” Gable said. 

Part-time fifth-year paralegal studies student Gary Deleaver, who left Tuesday’s pop-up event with a suit, called the closet “a blessing.” 

“It’s convenient, especially if you have classes here on campus,” Deleaver said. “[And] for those of us who can’t afford business attire, like myself included, I’m on a fixed income, it’s nice to have.” 

Maura Riordan, a second-year environmental science student, said she got a cute multicolor women’s blazer.

“It has cute little brown buttons on it and it’s like a pink and brown, brindle kind of mix.”

Riordan said it’s “awesome” that AACC offers options for students in need of professional attire.

“I have class right down this hallway,” Riordan said as she shopped. “And we’re doing our informative speeches this week. So I might wear this to my informative speech tomorrow.”