Riverhawks men’s basketball loses 75-67 in home opener


Dan Elson

The Riverhawks start off the season 0-1 after a 75-67 loss on Tuesday to Penn State York.

Dan Elson, Sports Editor

The Riverhawks men’s basketball team lost its home opener to Penn State York 75-67 on Nov. 1.

The Riverhawks were up 34-23 in the first half and were outscored 52-33 in the second. 

“We should have come out with a dub,” shooting guard Jeremiah Stroman, a first-year undecided student, said. “We improved a lot over the past month. We got a lot of young guys, we got a couple of old guys, but we’re going to get better throughout the season for sure.”

Riverhawks point guard Truth Norton shot 44% from the field and scored 18 points with four rebounds and three assists. Stroman went 7-for-14 with 17 points, seven rebounds and one block. Forward Michael Duffy, one of three captains on the squad, had eight points with three rebounds.

Norton said the team got off to a great start.

“We started off hot in the first five minutes,” Norton said. “At the end of the game, we should’ve worked more together.”

Men’s Riverhawks head basketball coach Joe Snowden said the team’s youth took over in the second half. 

“Their a young team, fairly young team,” Snowden said. … “It showed a lot more in the second half than it did in the first.”

Penn State York head coach Matt Rotonda noted his team made the right adjustments in the second half.

We understood “that [the] kids on the other side of Anne Arundel on their roster are going to compete with us and they’re going to play hard,” Rotonda said.

Penn State York player Deriq Brown, a third-year biology student, produced a double-double with 24 points and 11 rebounds. Brown shot 53% from the field and made all six free throws. Penn State York student John John Gillespie, a second-year human development and family studies student, added 18 points with three rebounds and three assists. 

The Riverhawks next game is on Nov. 4 at 5 p.m. against Oxford College of Emory University in North Carolina. Penn State York’s next game is on Saturday against the Berkeley Knights at 3 p.m. 

Reporter Cole Popov contributed to this story.