Dress your best, be your best


Sam Gauntt

With a little effort, anyone can craft a fashionable style that’s uniquely theirs. Shown, Campus Current Editor-in-Chief Zack Buster styling on the Quad.

Zack Buster, Editor-In-Chief

The clothes you wear say a lot about you, so why not say something good?

Looking put together can help send the message that you take your college career seriously, and it can even make you feel more confident in yourself.

That’s part of the reason why I choose to dress up a little when I come to school and work. It makes me feel ready to take on the day.

Imagine you have a big presentation due in your class today. While you may be nervous about public speaking, looking your best can help you be your best.

That said, dressing your best doesn’t have to break the bank. Almost every one of the outfits I wear on a daily basis has cost me less than $50.

From smart thrifting to strategic online shopping, there are many ways to find affordable clothes that look great if you are willing to search a little.

Try to always be on the lookout for good deals and make sure to check your local thrift and consignment shops for affordable fits.

While you search through those value stores, make an effort to see each individual article of clothing as part of an outfit.

That gray blazer isn’t just a jacket; it’s the outer layer of a business casual outfit. Those used canvas high tops could be just the thing to complete that grunge flannel look you’ve been thinking about.

Also, when picking those individual pieces, try to get things that can create multiple sets. Good matching can turn three shirts, three pairs of pants and three pairs of shoes into an endless series of outfits because each one of those shirts goes with each one of those pairs of pants and shoes.

You don’t always need to have the newest, most trendy looks or brands to be fashionable. It’s all in how you pair it and wear it. 

Sometimes nothing beats that old, reliable pair of pants you always wear that matches your aesthetic.

That being said, having a simple, practical wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring.

This is another area where those daring pairing skills can come in handy.

Try shaking things up a little with some braver pairings. 

Be bold but be you.

In the end, whether you are into preppy attire, alternative fashion or athletic threads, keep your look uniquely yours. After all, why wouldn’t you want to look like you?