Baseball, Softball dugouts receive new look


Megan Cunningham

The baseball and softball dugouts got new shingles in September and were painted Riverhawk royal blue and teal this month.

Dan Elson, Sports Editor

The dugouts for the baseball and softball teams turned Riverhawk royal blue and teal in October.

They also got new roof shingles, which eventually will sport the image of a giant riverhawk, and redesigned back exterior wall with “AACC Baseball” emblazoned across it.

Athletic Coordinator George Erazo said the dugouts were unsafe. 

“So there was a couple of shingles missing, the sidings were starting to fall off and that’s actually a safety hazard, because some of that was metal,” Erazo, who started at AACC in April, said. “So we didn’t want that to be an issue once this full season started to go full swing. So I wanted to make sure to get that situated, make sure that was stable and safe for the athletes.”

The baseball dugouts were established in 1978 and the softball dugouts were erected in 2005. Currently both dugouts are grey and white.

Head baseball coach Nick Hoffner said the new design of the dugouts will make the field “pop.”

“I think having our logo on there just lets everybody know hey this is Anne Arundel Community College,” Hoffner noted. 

Athletic Director Duane Herr said the new look will “really dress up the area. [It will] match our brand and just bring some life to that.”

Reporter Holden Smith contributed to this story.