Adjunct runs for seat in General Assembly


Zack Buster

Courtney Buiniskis, an adjunct communications professor, is running for state delegate for Maryland District 30B in the general election on Nov. 8.

Zack Buster, Editor-In-Chief

An adjunct professor won the Democratic primary for the District 30B seat in the Maryland House of Delegates on July 19, while another AACC faculty member lost her primary bid in District 31B.

Democrat Courtney Buiniskis, a 2008 AACC graduate, said it felt “wonderful” to win. She said she is the first black candidate to run for the seat and the first woman candidate in her district in 30 years.

Human services adjunct professor LaToya Nkongolo, who lost the District 31B Republican primary, said her first time campaigning didn’t turn out how she hoped it would, but it gave her a chance to “raise awareness” about mental health.

“It gave me an opportunity to be a voice for mental health and addiction,” Nkongolo said, “and raise awareness and now help our elected officials and politicians … support the community in addressing those disorders.”

Buniskis, who had never run for office before, will face Republican incumbent Seth Howard in the general election on Nov. 8. Both of those candidates ran unopposed in the primary. 

“I woke up my Democratic base,” Buiniskis, who teaches communications, said.

If she wins the seat, Buniskis said, she will focus on issues ranging from preserving the Chesapeake Bay to improving public transportation in underserved communities.

Buniskis, the adjunct representative on AACC’s The Faculty Organization, said she supports unionization of the college’s adjunct faculty.