Spiking Home a Victory

Madison Marmen, Reporter

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Forty-two fans walked into the Jenkins Gymnasium on Tuesday night and
realized that the Anne Arundel Community College Women’s Volleyball team meant
business as they defeated the College of Southern Maryland 3-2.

“This is kind of our revenge,” said Head Coach Adriane McDivitt before the
game, as a playlist created by Lauren Nisson, middle blocker for the AACC Pioneers,
blared through the speakers.
The Pioneers (3-8 in MDJUCO, 7-10 overall) lost to the College of Southern
Maryland Hawks at the beginning of the season with a score of 3-1. It was the final home
game of the season on Tuesday night, and the McDivitt knew that her players were

Katrina Kyllander

Henry Ponder
Katrina Kyllander

“I’m confident in every match,” she said, as her players were stretching on the
However, as the game started, it was clear that the Hawks were not going down
without a fight.

Kalia Exum and Chanel Motley, outside hitters for the Hawks, were set on
winning this game. Both athletes leaped into the air and slammed the ball onto the
ground, gaining point after point. The Hawks defeated the Pioneers in the first two sets,
25-22 and 25-19.
Hawks’ fans were thrilled; they were sure this would be another win.

“This is an exciting game,” said Motley’s mother, Michelle Steele. “The girls are
showing great athleticism.”
When the third set began, the Pioneers walked onto the court with determination
on their faces. Katrina Kyllander, outside hitter for the Pioneers, dove for the ball as if
her life depended on it. Proving she was the jack-of-all-trades, she earned the Pioneers
the match as she served and spiked the ball with a force that the Hawks were not prepared

The Pioneers won the second two matches 25-18 and 26-24. It was time for the
final round, and it was clear that Samantha Hebb, hitter for the Pioneers, was going to do
everything in her power to win this game.
As the set was tied 9-9, Hebb knew that this was her last chance. In the last
minutes of the game, Hebb was filled with a final surge of energy and spiked the ball five
times, earning point after point. The Pioneers defeated the Hawks in the final match 15-

With a wide smile, Hebb revealed that she was not going to stand by and let her
team suffer another loss against the Hawks.

“The only way you can show change is if you show change yourself,” said Hebb.
Kyllander was also proud of her efforts during the game.

“My dad always told me, ‘play each game like it’s your last,’” she said. “I give
my all every chance I get.”

Although the Pioneers won their last home game, this is not their final match. The
team is now on their way to Regionals, which takes place on Nov. 1 and 2, said Hebb.