First-year students say college is friendly


Photo by Dan Elson

AACC first-year students say their classmates and professors are friendly, and the campus facilites are nice.

Cole Popov, Reporter

AACC students who came to campus for the first time this semester said they are finding their classmates and professors friendly.

First-year environmental science student Tyler Saveleski said it’s easy to start a conversation with other students. 

“You can start a conversation with anyone and they’ll keep it back and they won’t be mad at you or disrespectful,” Saveleski said. “Everyone’s nice around here.”

First-year transfer studies student Rose Riley said all the people at the college are “really nice.” 

“I’ve made a bunch of new friends and it’s like a bunch of different people.” Riley said.

First-year transfer studies student Bailey Healy agreed. 

“I think the teachers are way nicer than high school teachers were,” Healy said. “All the teachers seem like they want you to succeed. … They’re not like trying to trap you with, like, assignments.”

First-year pre-med student Mia Kopenhaver said it’s easy to get to know people.

“I think it’s a lot easier to like, get to know people better, just smaller than most universities.” Kopenhaver said. 

Enrollment of first-year students at AACC has increased by 4.1% from this time last year, with more registering for in-person classes. 

“There’s people from all backgrounds and all ages here,” first-year anthropology student Kaitlyn D’Souza said. “And that took me very much by surprise.”

Riley said that the atmosphere of the school is diverse and open. 

“The atmosphere is like, really friendly, I’m loving it, honestly, already,” Riley said. 

Leah Stalker, a first-year economics student, said everyone she has met “has been really sweet.”

First-year engineering student Davis Bosley said doing soccer tryouts the week before school gave him a preview of the campus.

“I got to see the gym and the locker rooms along with the stadium, which was really nice,” Bosley said.  “The life science building with the Chick-fil-A is really nice.”

First-year computer science major Ethan Schwartz said he was impressed by the campus’s facilities. 

“Buildings are a lot nicer than I thought they were going to be,” Schwartz said. “There is a nice eating area and they got Chick-fil-A … and all that kind of stuff.” 

Most students say the transition from high school to higher education was smooth. 

First-year environmental science student Grason Ditto said the shift from high school to college was “not too big of a jump.” 

Students also said they appreciate the flexibility of their schedules. 

“My schedule here is more flexible than what it was in high school,” first-year pre-med student Michelle Granados said.

Multiple students said they were “overwhelmed” in the lead-up to college but once the semester started, that feeling went away.  

“Once I got here and settled in, I realized it’s a lot better than high school,” Sarah Brookman, a first-year criminal justice student, said. “You have more freedom, and it feels better overall.”