Masks, Covid-19 vax optional for students


Sam Gauntt

Students on campus no longer need masks while in buildings.

Holden Smith, Reporter

Wearing protective face masks and getting a Covid-19 vaccine will be optional in the fall semester, according to school officials

Both masks and vaccines were required for at least part of last semester, with the mask mandate expiring on the last day of school.

“Unless we hear different from the county and the state we are still going to be … leaving it up to the adults to make good decisions,” Vice President for Learning Tanya Millner told Campus Current.

“I think most of us are trying to hope for the best,” Millner said. “That we make great adult decisions, and we care for ourselves, and we care for our communities, whatever that looks like.”

Employees and students with Covid-19 symptoms, and anyone who has received a positive Covid-19 test result or has been exposed to someone with the virus must submit a Covid-19 report form to the college within 24 hours.