Students prepare for final exams


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Students hunker down with the books to prepare for final exams, which begin next week.

Vance Wild, Reporter

AACC students said they are doing everything from drinking their favorite coffee to designing flash cards to prepare for finals.

“I will often use flashcards,” Madeline Knowles, a business student who has been taking classes since 2014, said. “I think flashcards are so helpful. And then sometimes also just talk to another person, whether it be a friend or a classmate, about the subject matter.” 

May 18 is the last day of exams. 

Students who feel nervous as exams approach said they sometimes follow small rituals to ease their nerves.

“I usually will stop at my favorite coffee shop and get a large coffee and treat myself to a nice breakfast prior to my final exam,” first-year dental hygienist student Tabitha Varga noted.

“I try to imagine myself in a room with absolutely nothing,” first-year law student Allison Hesch said. “The only thing there is the test so I can focus entirely on it. Don’t worry about anything else in the moment. Just take the test, get it over with then you can worry about whatever else you want.”  

Most students said the best way to ease nerves during finals week is simply to study hard.

Second-year pre-med student Deborah Raji said she sometimes cracks the books until 2 a.m.

First-year nursing student Sarah Scholley said she studies three times for each exam: once during the day and then again after dinner and finally right before she leaves for school the next morning.

“Just keep working hard and make sure you prepare yourself,” first-year computer science student Dylan Johnson said.