Baking students encourage healthy eating


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Baking and pastry students say it’s easier than you might think to throw together affordable, healthy snacks.

Dan Elson, Editor-in-Chief

Baking and pastry students said it’s possible to eat healthy snacks on a budget and on the go.

Second-year baking and pastry student Tamia Stew[1]art, for example, said her favorite quick snack to make is flatbread pizza.

“So, they’re pretty quick and easy,” Stewart said. “And they’re really healthy. They have a bunch of grains inside. So [the flatbread pizzas] build energy.”

Stewart’s classmate Helena Smith, also a second-year baking and pastry student, said it’s important to eat healthy.

“If you eat too many fats [they] are going to build up,” Smith said. “And if you don’t exercise, then the fats [are] just going to keep building up.”

Second-year baking and pastry student Marissa Schlette agreed.

“[Eating healthy is important] so you don’t get health problems in the future,” Schlette noted. “You don’t want high blood pressure [or] Type 2 diabetes. You just want an active lifestyle and just eating the proper nutrients to stay away from all the processed fatty foods.”

Schlette said whole grains “provide all the nutrients you need.”

Schlette also said she likes flatbreads as a snack.

For Smith, it’s tacos.

“They’re quick, they’re easy and you can make them healthy,” Smith said. “I’ll put [on] just simple things like lettuce. I’ll even out the spices so there’s not too much of one thing or too much of another. So, then all the carbs and everything … even out.”