Drivers ignore one-way signs on Arnold campus


Frank Fitzgeralde Libom

AACC Police Chief Sean Kapfhammer says he advises drivers to familiarize themselves with traffic patterns and signs.

Maggie Brown, Reporter

Some students drive the wrong way on Ring Road, which partially surrounds the Arnold campus.

Ring Road is a one-way street except for a section between the Health and Life Sciences building and the Careers Center, where it turns into a two-way road.

Drivers going the wrong way “could really occur anywhere when [students] are turning off a parking lot,” AACC Police Chief Sean Kapfhammer said. “I see it myself by the cafeteria.”

Kapfhammer said this is not a frequent problem and is mostly unintentional for drivers who are not familiar with campus traffic patterns.

“When I did it, it was actually an accident because I was late for a class and I didn’t see the signs, so I was just going,” first-year communications student Zack Buster said.

According to Kapfhammer, campus officers sometimes write traffic tickets when they catch someone driving the wrong way.

But most, he said, give warnings and educate the drivers.

First-year psychology student Julia Gunn said she has witnessed drivers going the wrong way.

“I kind of feel bad [for the drivers] … because if you look at their faces, they know that they aren’t supposed to go that way,” Gunn said.

Kapfhammer said he sees a few people driving the wrong way every semester, so he can’t chalk the error up to confusion over recent construction on campus.

His advice to drivers: “When you are coming to campus, familiarize yourself with the traffic patterns and look for the traffic signs just like [in] any other neighborhood,” Kapfhammer said. “The signs are posted pretty clearly so you should know which way you are going.”

Kapfhammer also suggested that students get a map of the campus online by visiting the AACC website.