Friends gather, play video games together


Maggie Brown

First-year pre-med student Johnathan Dang dresses up as a character from the game Mortal Kombat.

Maggie Brown, Reporter

A group of AACC students comes together twice a week on campus to play video games and hang out. 

About 14 students meet every Monday and Wednesday between 1:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. to play the video game “Super Smash Brothers” and others in Room 240 of Careers. 

“We don’t always just play ‘Smash,’” first-year transfer studies student Alesha Lower said. “Sometimes people bring in their game cubes, [PlayStations] or Xboxes.”

“Super Smash Brothers” is a fighting game that features famous Nintendo characters battling each other. 

Lower said the group usually plays the game on a Nintendo Switch game console or older PlayStation console connected to the televisions in the student lounge where they meet. 

First-year pre-med student Johnathan Dang said he started the group because he did not want to be alone on campus. He invited his friends from high school who also attend AACC to join him, and eventually, others started coming in on their own.

“I came in with my partner Lance,” Lower said. “I think we were the first people to come in and sit down and ask, ‘Hey, can we play with you?’” 

Dang explained the purpose of the group is to just hang out and said anyone can join at any time by simply showing up.

“I really like it,” first-year communications student Zack Buster said. “I can come when I can and don’t have to worry about them judging me if I can’t.” 

Buster, who is associate editor of Campus Current, continued, “We‘re just a group of people who found each other on campus and became friends.”